Warranty and Product Info


All products from PLC.PLACE come with a 1-year warranty from date of purchase, covering mechanical defects or failures not caused by human factors such as incorrect installation, sub-optimal conditions or poor maintenance. The warranty does not cover programming or software issues. If a customer encounters an issue with a product, they will need to ship it to PLC.PLACE for diagnosis and examination, at their own cost. If the product is eligible for the warranty, PLC.PLACE will repair or replace it at their own cost. PLC.PLACE will bear the cost of shipping the repaired or replaced product back to the customer. It's up to PLC.PLACE's discretion whether to repair, replace, or refund the customer, and diagnoses can take time to complete based on technician availability and complexity.

PLC.PLACE warranty is not by the manufacturer, it is provided by PLC.PLACE.


  • PLC.PLACE sells surplus and refurbished products from independent sources. Any warranties and support offered are provided by PLC.PLACE and not the manufacturer. The products listed on this website may vary in terms of their origin, accessories included, and the language used on packaging and instructions. PLC.PLACE is not an official distributor or representative for the listed manufacturers, nor is it endorsed or approved by any of the manufacturers or brand names listed on the website. All designated trademarks, brand names and brands mentioned on this website belong to their respective owners.
  • PLC.PLACE is not a stocking distributor, we source from various other distributors all over the world to get you the best price and speedy delivery. As such, products may arrive in packages with other organization’s names on them. Regardless of that, our warranty still holds.
  • Due to its model, product availability may change. In rare cases, inventory levels may be inaccurate, and PLC.PLACE will notify and refund customers in such situations.
  • Product information, including images and description may be wrong at times - as we include a breadth of products. Please rely on the exact model number of the part you’re purchasing rather than the description.

Software & Firmware

PLC.PLACE products may come with or without firmware/software installed. Customers should contact PLC.PLACE in advance of purchase if they require specific firmware or series. PLC.PLACE is not responsible for software and programming issues unless they are caused by the hardware purchased from PLC.PLACE. PLC.PLACE makes no representations as to any quality control performed by any listed manufacturers on the products. All warranties and support, if applicable, are with PLC.PLACE and not the manufacturer.